We at Carnival Americana take many steps every day to ensure that you and your family have a safe and enjoyable time while visiting the carnival. From our clean and well-maintained equipment to our safety-minded and attentive ride operators, to our routine safety inspections, we always have your safety in mind.

To help us do our best, we ask that you be safety minded:

  • Securely latch all restraints and use grab bars

  • Stay in the locked and loaded position for the entire ride cycle

  • Take frequent breaks and stop riding before you get tired

  • Drink plenty of fluids

  • Obey all posted signs

  • Observe age, height, and weight restrictions

  • Follow instructions of ride operator
Please note: The above recommendations are not a complete list of all safety precautions. Please refer to on-site signage, verbal safety warnings, and if ever in question, seek assistance for more detailed safety information.
West Texas Fair & Rodeo
Abilene, TX
September 4 - September 13
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